You are here because you need to count days for any event, trip, pregnancy or other special day. Here are some simple steps on how to use the day counter online with pictures:

First Step: Enter your starting Date 

Please start by entering today's or any other date in the start date field. This implies that if you want to calculate the number of days from today until a specific event, you must input today's date.

start date of day counter


You can enter today's date with the using of today button 

today button of day counter


2nd Step: Enter the END Date

Please enter the date of your event, tour, or special day in the 'End Date' field.


end date of day counter


You can also use our calendar to enter the date 

Calendar ICON


3rd Step: Add last day in calculation (optional) 

If you want to add last day in your calculation so check out the box

Include end date in calculation


4rth Step: Click on Calculate Days

If you have done all the things that click on the Calculate days button.

calculate days

Your calculation results is shown be here:



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