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This Day counter count days between two dates, including working days, weekend days, years, months, and time units. To Use this day calculator Simply enter the Start date and End date or click calculate days.

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Introduction of Day Counter

Our day counter or calendar days calculator counts the number of days between two dates. Also, you can use it to count the number of pregnancy days, estimate your age, and how many days are left for the event. This calculator simplifies the process of counting: days, business days, weekend days, weeks, months, years, and count time unites between two dates. You can use this day counter calculator with some simple clicks. 

How to use this Day Counter?

To use this day calculator, select the Start date or end date, and if you want to count the end day, click on it; this is optional. Click on calculate days. Hurray, your results are here.

Understand this with Example:
For example, you want to calculate how many days between dates.

You want to know how many days are left until your vacation. You're going for your trip on October 15, 2023, and today's date is September 25, 2023. You want to calculate the number of days left until your vacation. 

Let's Calculate using our days between calculator:

  • In the first step, Select today's date, September 25, 2023.
  • In the second step, select the end date as October 15, 2023.
  • Click on today if you need to count days from today (optional)
  • Click the Calculate Button and get the results

The result will be 20 days. So, you have 20 days left until your vacation begins.

Day counter results

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Why Our Calendar Day Counter

In this area, manual calculations are very tough and time-consuming. Therefore, the online day counter has been made to solve these situations where you need to count the number of days between two dates or any other condition related to the day's countdown. Moreover, some basic benefits of this calendar days counter are listed:

1. The day counter gives you results quickly within no time.

2. Calculate the business days, weekend days, weeks, years, months, and all-time units between two dates.

3. Also select the date with the Calendar.

4. This day calculator is easy to use for every User.


How many weekend days in a year?

Answer: Normally, 104 weekend days in the Year including 11 federal holidays

Explanation: To calculate weekend days in a year, select the first date, the first month in a dropdown, and which Year you want to calculate weekend days. In the end date, select the last date of December and the same year and press the calculate Button. Now the day counter shows you weekend days without holidays.

Does Saturday count as a business day?

No, Saturdays are usually not business days. Many businesses are closed or have limited hours on Saturdays. So, we do not count Saturday as a business day in our date to date calculator.

How many business days in a year?

Answer: Normally, 249 business days in the Year

Explanation: To calculate business days in a year, select the first date, the first month in a dropdown, and which Year you want to calculate business days. In the end, select the last date of December and the same year and press the calculate Button. Now, HERE are business days, including holidays.

Our countdown timer helps you to count time for specific minutes like a 5-minute timer, or 10-minute timer. You can set time according to your needs

How many days in a Year?

Generally, every year contains 365 days but Lap Year has 366 days.
How many work days in a Year?

In 2023, there are 249 working days if you follow the usual five-day workweek.

Here's how we get to that number: We count the total of 365 days in the year. From that, we subtract 105 days for weekends and federal holidays. Additionally, we subtract 11 days (according to USA) for federal holidays when many businesses and offices are closed.

Where you can use this Day Calculator?

This is a simple situation when you need to calculate days between dates.

  • Use the days between calculator to calculate your age
  • Use this calculator to count days in pregnancy
  • Use this calculator to calculate how many days are Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, or any event.
  • Use this Calendar calculator to calculate the number of days between two dates.

Suppose you want to count days since a given date in the past. Only select the past date in the first field and select the present date in the second. Click on Calculate and get results. Results depend on selecting the last day or not.

How to calculate business days between two dates

This date to date calculator also gives results in business days. You can use this tool as a business days calculator. Enter your start date and date, or click on calculate days to calculate business days. In the results, you can see business days. Note: In the calculation of business days, holidays are not included. In this case, subtract the holidays from the business days and get accurate results.

What calendar is used in the day counter

There are three types of calendars used in the world: Lunar, Solar (known as Gregorian), and a mix of both. This calendar day counter is based on the Gregorian calendar named after Pope Gregory XIII who introduced it in 1582. 

This calendar is widely used across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. This calendar contains 366 days in the leap year and 365 days in the simple year. Today, it plays a crucial role in everyday life, business, and official activities, making it an essential tool for counting and tracking days in various regions globally.

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